Ep. 548 – Species Profile: Brant (re-air)

In this special edition re-air of the brant species profile, Dr. Mark Lindberg shares insights from his 30+ year career as a waterfowl scientist on arguably the most fascinating of all North American geese. The episode begins with a discussion about taxonomy, distribution, epic migrations, changes in wintering distributions, foraging ecology, and different behaviors and productivity observed among individual birds. The episode concludes with discussions about brant breeding ecology, its population status, harvest estimates, and changes in survival and productivity driven by complex interactions between climate and biology. Looking forward, Dr. Lindberg ponders what the future might hold for this species as the regions and habitats it relies on continue to be modified by changing climate, human activities, and other pressures.

Creators and Guests

Mike Brasher
Ducks Unlimited Podcast Science Host
Ep. 548 –  Species Profile: Brant (re-air)